Coated Paper

As an internationally operating specialist for coating, we are an expert at coating a variety of paper-based materials for versatile industrial and non-industrial application areas.

On our state-of-the-art coating machines, we coat carefully chosen paper with a primer, our special adhesive and a release. The coated paper is then converted into rolls, discs or blocks.

Our solvent free adhesive is exclusively produced in our own factory in Germany. Its continuously high quality is guaranteed by the continuous quality controls performed by our in-house laboratories.


Printed Sticky Notes

We offer high-quality, self-adhesive paper for further processing to printed sticky notes.

Printed sticky notes are one of the most versatile promotional products.

Sticky notes activate people, colleagues and friends. They are as individual and versatile as your daily tasks and facilitate your life, reminding you of the people and things that really matter.Sticky notes are often handed from one potential customer to another, therefore spreading the message in a way only few promotional products can.

Their look and feel provide a perfect platform for the creative output and broad range of production and finishing techniques that are available through our qualified network of printers, the Club of Notes.



Advertisement that always stays in the customer’s area of attention: our self-adhesive Onserts.

These cover stickers have all the advantages of a classical sticky note.

They are easily removable and repositionable, leave no residue and stick to many different surfaces.

Perfectly suited for magazine covers as simple advertisement or coupon.



Paper-based labels for sensitive surfaces: self-adhesive, removable and repositionable.

Coated with our solvent-free sticky note adhesive, the labels are environmentally friendly and perfectly suited for sensitive surfaces.

The adhesive strength of this special adhesive does not change over time.

Thus, the labels are always removable. Available in many different colours.


Adhesive Tapes

Cover, protect, label and decorate with our paper-based adhesive tapes.

Ideal for sensitive surfaces and easily removable without residue, these tapes are suited for various applications.

The adhesive strength of our special adhesive does not change over time, thus allowing an easy removal any time.


Masking Paper

Our masking paper is ideally suited for the easy and efficient protective covering in renovation work, craftmanship or for transport protection.

Clever. Smart. Time-saving. Our masking paper is ideally suited for the easy and efficient protective covering in renovation work, craftmanship or for transport protection.

Due to the easy roll-off the product can be applied very quickly, even for covering large areas e.g. windowsills, radiators, handrails, furniture, etc.

The substrate-friendly special adhesive allows the application on highly sensitive surfaces, such as paper wallpapers, veneers, sensitive wood surfaces or poorly adhering paints or colors.

Also available with a special waterproof topcoat or an antimicrobial topcoat.


Industrial Applications

Our products are as versatile as your requirements.

Whether as finished product or as part of the production process, the application options for the industrial sector are endless. In addition to paper, we have the possibility to coat various materials, which can then for example be used as a transport medium or for substrate protection. Let’s advance new ideas together.


Contract Coating

The right solution to every problem. Coating is our area of expertise.

Always searching for new applications, we do not only coat paper, but also various other materials.

We take on every challenge. Our flexibility makes us the ideal partner.

Our solvent-free adhesive is exclusively produced in our own factory in Germany. It is environmentally friendly, easily removable without residue and repositionable.

We look forward to solving problems with you.